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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  June 25, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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today. that is how fox reports on saturday. i am harris faulkner, thanks for being along. updates when you want them on fox justice with judge jeanine. but wait, right now huckabee and newt gingrich starts right now. >> mike: welcome to huckabee from the fox studios in new york. you hear about the national debt all of the time. but what does it mean to you and your family? scott flansburg will help us to understand it. scott is known as the human calculator . so i want to introduce scott and tell you what he can do. >> thanks for having me. >> i will add numbers up and i will see if you can verbally add them as fast as i can hit the number 78 plus, plus 51.
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>> that is too easy. >> 51 is a easy number. >> 59 plus, plus 76. >> that is 135 and then 211 and 287. 5155 91. >> woah. >> another one and trip you up a bit. >> how about that. >> i will go faster. where were you when i was in math class is what i want to know. >> 85, >> 85. >> plus, >> plus. thren . 122beingingying of upon upon be will willying are of. like this. and scott is truly the human
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calculator and help us to figure out how much the 14 trillion debt is what it is costing you. we'll show you tonight. but don't miss a minute of tonight's show. tonight on huckabee. his campaign staff quit and fundraisers quit. can newt gingrich save his presidential bid. >> linerated from the normal politics that doesn't serve the country's need. >> rick scott is. >> i want my race. >> why is he so unpopular in the sunshine state. he answers his critics. >> and plus, how republicans ignoring the reasons that gave them the majority. michigan congressman talks debt ceiling. >> you are kicking the tires of running for president next year. >> and little jam.
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>> lyou have met scott and seen the amazing talent with number. too bad he's not in congress. if he was, he could better understand the debt and what it matters to you. let's take scott to the black board and see how good he s. debt. debt is somewhere around 14 -- 14 trillion dollars. >> that is 14 million. >> that is billion. >> and 14, trillion. >> that's the national debt. >> population of the united states 300 million. >> i believe you . let's try and do it. 300,000 and 300,000,000. >> how much does each person in america owe. >> around 46,000.
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get rid of the zeros and make the math easier here. 3 into 140,000 . that works out $46,667.67 and rounded up per american citizen to pay off the debt. >> every man and woman and boy and girl. >> are any of you ready to write your check today? >> that is for you and each member of your family. this is going to be harder. >> spent 770 billion. >> that is a big number. 787 billion that was the stimulus. >> 787 thousand, million and billion. i am ready. >> president obama said he created or saved two million jobs. i don't believe that the number of americans employed when he took office 133,573
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million and today 143 -- but give thim credit. we have lost two and half million jobs net. but he said we saved or created two million. let's be genous. two million jobs. how much has it cost for each of the jobs that the president claims is saved. 393,000. >> for each job. >> i would like those. >> we didn't save or create any. >> i would take my check instead of the government spending the bill. >> it is not sustainable. >> unbelievable. >> one more. go back to the other board. >> number of people who make over $200,000 affected by the tax increases if he gets his
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way. there is roughly. 14 trillion back up. >> that is easy. that's the national debt. >> we'll not touch the middle class or poverty. only is obama's definition of rich people making over 200,000. there are 4 million and 7650 of the those people. >> first of all. start with the four million and get rid of these audnumbers . four into 14. that is three million 500,000 . average. per person making over 200,000 making . each right a check for that. >> roughly 3 and half million. >> you would have to tax them per person if you didn't want to touch the middle class.
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i will not -- will show you the genious. the numbers from congress and the president. it is funny money stuff and not realistic. scott. >> we are doing it. hope you can join us. >> i would love to be a part television. i am amazed that you can do this kind of stuff. >> and over the past few months. we have had reaction from reggie bomb obama personator. >> it is great to finally be home. lauch laugh -[laughter] >> wait a minute. this is the huckabee studio. that is the last time i let joe biden drive me anywhere. >> we were the first show to feature reggie and we love and appreciate him as a decent guy. he's taken a lot of heat in
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republican leadership in new orleans . he was pulled off of the stage. >> what can i say about michelle bachmann that she hasn't said about herself. she called me a one term president. >> yes. >> i got to go. god bless you and the united states and america. thank you, thank you . so please welcome our friend reggie brown. thank you, great to have you back. >> great to be back. >> you had a rough week last week. you were in the republican leadership conference and your entire segment got caught short. >> the way they explained it to me i went over my time and one of the gentleman escorted me off of the stage and said your time is up and organizers thanking me and said great job
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everyone that ran into me was upset that i was not able to finish my set and i left feeling like i delivered a great performance and i get back to the hotel and all of the arcticles pop up on line and different stories come out. >> one of the things that was said. this was a statement released and this is from charlie davis. had i been in the room we have zero tolerance for racially insensitive jokes and as soon as i realize would what was going on i rushed back stage and had him pull would. >> this is a gag that you told and so here it is. >> my favorite month is february. black history plonth. you see michigan cell baited the full month and i celebrate half. [laughter] >> my audience is laugh they thought it was funny.
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>> thank you. >> they looked it. liked it. >> did you continuing was racially insensitive. >> no, some people said racist material and things were coming up. i share the same background as the president. my mother is white and my father black and i wouldn't do jokes that offend the president. >> you might not get invited to thanksgiving and so i can understand that. is there a danger for comedians when they do political humor what you think is funny and i have a low thres hold for humor. do you have to worry about that? >> now adays you can offend anyone by saying anything . one of the journalist said you were great and racial jokes and i was offended.
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he was a white guy about offended about black history. why were you offended. i wasn't i was putting myself in the shoes was someone who might have been offended. you take it just laugh if you think it is funny and if you don't laugh at the next joke. >> first of all you are a great obama imperson ator and you will continue to have a welcome spot on the show. i remind people. you invite comedian they will make jokes and those of us who are standing around. that's part of the gig. if president obama were here would he have something to say about the dust up that you had? >> i think he would say you did a great job boy. and i look forward to seeing more and having you at the white house soon. >> i hope you get to do that.
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reggie brown aka barack obama. >> thank you for being here. >> well, the campaign had a rough launch but can newt gingrich recover? the former speaker of the house is joining me next. that create a layer of protection with every close stroke. leaving your skin beautifully smooth. new venus proskin moisture rich.
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>> newt gingrich is running for president and he spent a lot of june dealing with campaign controversy and so how much matters and just chatter about the process. newt gingrich is joining me from iowa. a place i have been a few times. good to have you here. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> yes, sir, go ahead. >> i was thinking i am at the pizza ranch in idanola . how you have been here . i think you would feelly at home. >> i have been to that very
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pizza ranch in indianola saying i ate three pepperoni pizzas in one day. i want to talk about the situation. i have been a candidate and i get so frustrated when the press makes it like it is all about the consultants. you can open the phone book and get consultants and so the fact is it is about a candidate. has the departure of the consultant changed the candidate. that's the question that people ought to get an answer from? >> i think there are two things. it liberated me and we are aggressively pursuing big idea solutions in the way we did in 1994 with the contract with america and helping ronald reagan. i fell liberated from the normal politics that doesn't serve the country's needs and it taught me a tough lesson. if i do become president i
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would have to have a tighter screen and ask for questions. what i am trying to do and people who support me are trying to do is get such dramatic change that normal appointees and politician would be a hinderance rather than a help. it would teach me to be more careful about the level of commitment and devotion and mental toughness we are going to need to change washington d.c.. >> no doubt it was a bump but i never heard discussed, a number of the people who left were originally who were rick perry in texas as his campaign team and relatively knew to you . rumors started that rick perry is considering a bit for the white house. i will ask you point blank and you are not scheduled to answer it and i want you to answer it, is this why they left and are they going to work with rick peryethey used
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an excuse. they were with perry many years and then they all leave and rick perry is thinking about running for president? >> well, first of all i like rick perry and i wrote the forward to his book. >> i am not ask you if there -- you like it i am putting you on the spot, newt. i am putting you on the spot. >> all i can tell you, i didn't find it odd that people change their mind. i find it out so-called professionals talk to the press. but you have to ask them. i don't know what was in their heart. i feel liberate more able to focus on new proposals and not trying to fit the pattern of traditional consultants. >> let's talk about a solution. something that angered americans, the case down in
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texas, a federal judge ridiculously said a student couldn't use the word amen, stand, innovation or benediction. stripping any semblance of religious conversation out of a high school valedictorians address. you came forth and i read the arcticle of what is a historically based american solution to that. tell me what it is. >> in my news letter that comes from gingrich production. i outlined a principle. a nation like no other. thomas jefferson in 1802. had a judicial reform act that eliminated 18 out of 35 federal judges. they dismissed them. jefferson secretary of state was james madison and author of the constitution, you had
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to assume they knew constitutional. i propose the congress should abolish the office was judge berry and so one against the declaration of independence and our rights come from our creator should not be a u.s. judge. abolish his office and cease to pay him and let him go home. you don't have to peach him. under the juverson precedent say this no longer exist goodbye . i think anybody who reads what he said should agree he should not be the judge. >> i hear the cheering of americans even through the television sets to get rid of federal judges that went beyond the constitution and starting to write long that never intended to exist. i think the fact that you came wup a historically based sound idea is one i salute and i
8:21 pm
hope it catches fire. thank you, newt for being with me today and have fun in the indianola ranch, coming up i want you to meet a 22 year old woman who is taking down planned parent hood and she has george sauris. my talk with her is next.
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[applause] >> look out planned parent hood. lila rose is back. she is the 22 year old president of live that is the group that shot an undercover video for a couple posing as a pimp and
8:25 pm
prostitute talking to a plann the parent hood about being underage workers for a checkpoint. >> that will be a point. yes, stuff like that. is there under a certain age that you can. >> me and my other. >> well, that video had planned parent hood so up in arms george sauris had plan to take down lila rose and her group. they will release a explosive new video where itate law was passed disqualifying planned parent hood from medicaid. i spoke to her what it was to show. >> what you are going to see
8:26 pm
demonstrated is that although they have the biggest abortion chain is that medicare patients are blocked from the monies in indiana to receive money for medicaid patients they will be left to fend for themselves . you will hear from the mouths of planned parent hood. medicaid patients will do fine without them. >> not to say too much. it is something along those lines. >> you have been involved in the undercover activities for a good while. >> you are 22 years old . you started when you were 15. why? >> yes, abortion is the greatest human rights abuse that our nation and world faces and the cries of the innocent that are not heard in nation, we need to worry their call and cry and need to do something to defend them . the youth of america are saying enough is enough.
8:27 pm
we haven't known america without abortion. but we want to fight for every life. >> what is the frame work. as a 15 year old most think of who they will go out this weekend and where they will go to college and you are thinking about saving the world. what was it in lila rose at 15 who will take on the issue? >> it was being raised in a family. i am one of eight kid and i was taught to love life and we were called to serve . that as an americans and raise as americans and citizen, i was call to do something and so were other people . born out of witnessing the fact of what abortion was and learning the truth. i have to do something and find a way to do something. >> you teamed up with james o' ceave -- o' keefe. you ever been threatened.
8:28 pm
you have cost money with the undercover videos. what kind of threats and negative reaction. >> when i was 18 and after our first investigation and we put them on youtube. i was threatened to be sued by planned parent hood and i remember getting shocked getting a lawsuit and they were threatening to sue me for $5000. god used that for good. more and more people found out what was happening in the clinics and they saw the tapes and it encouraged our teens to do more investigative projects. we have gotten death threats and lawsuits and george soros held a conference call about how to take our organization down. >> he specifically named your organization. a billionaire is afraid of a 22 year old? is >> he's afraid of the truth. that's what he is afraid of and our video shows what
8:29 pm
happens every day in the abortion and lobby and planted parent hood. >> you think it is about money, the whole abortion industry. it is not loving women. >> it is about money and about a radical and very deceived ideology where they believe abortion is the solution to the problems in our country and abortion will help a woman move on with her life. i have gotten in counseling session and the planned parent hood worker and you have an abortion we will tell you, you can get on your life. i had an abortion they might tell me and i am happy i had it . the manager of the clinic told me she wished she could go back in time and abort her 16 year old son. she wished she could make the abortion decession. >> the video videos are coming out.
8:30 pm
they are at our website. we'll release them through social media we are excited to launch a petition and i stand with dine doin and that will ultimately be spreading the support for the state of indiana to stand up to the obama administration. president obama is attacking the state and threatening to cut billion to medicaid patients all for the sake of abortion . governor huckabee if they defended their abortion practice could get the. >> president obama is coming to the aid and threatening to put at rick billion to help seniors and people in need in the state of indiana. >> people need to see the explosive videos. you are a courageous young lady and a champion for life. >> thank you so much huckabee.
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>> the casey anthony murder trial coming to an unexpected halt. the judge said a legal matter came up. no specifics on what that matter is. anthony pled not guilty to murdering two year old daughter caylee. souris river in north dakota expected to crest tonight. a bit of good news for people in minot where more than 4000 were flooded. >> disaster in north carolina. the governor declaring a state of emergency with out of
8:35 pm
control wildfires. the fires burned 70,000 acres on the atlantic coast. i am harris faulkner and now back to huckabee. go to fox you are watching fox. [applause] the fox news.comapplication for ipad is the number one free news app. you can download it for free. go to fox news.comslash ipad. >> florida's governor rick scott ran on a simple platform create jobs and put florida back to work. he has. florida created more jobs to may alone. he's keeping his campaign promises and he's slammed in the local papers and aprouval
8:36 pm
ratings are beginning to sag. governor scott, you doing what you said you would do and promised to bring jobs back to florida but approval rating is not stellar and i am tuned as to why? what do people want when you said you wanted to do in cutting regulation and getting jobs back to florida. >> i ran a specific campaign in getting our state back to work. in may we had 50 percent more jobs. when you make tough decisions people don't like it. unemployment is coming down and jobs are growing and i talked to governor perry. we are competing we talk about that . we are competing and reducing taxs and regulation and making sure we don't have frivolous
8:37 pm
loutlawsuits and make it a place to build business. >> you mentioned regulatory environment. one of the things you are are done. stream lined the promise and from businesses getting to work. what kine of resistance in the legislature and public. people who are advocates for regulation and think that the government ought to do more. is that where the pressure comes from? >> you know, my campaign. complained about regulation. i proposed legislation that was going to reduce legislation. a lot of it slows things down and doesn't stop anything. you might do it and take you three or five years and all of us care about the environment and want to have the property type of growth. but we want jobs and i started to review every regulation in the state.
8:38 pm
we are elimbinating 1100 . looked at the agencis and statutes and what don't we need and doesn't add value to the state. department of the community affairs was a redundant review of local regulation and we got rid of that and part of that bringing in the right people who think this way . reviewing regulation and is that good for jobs or bad? do consumers care about this? it is a great year so far. we have gotten rid of a lot of regulation. >> the newspapers were not your fans and supporters when you ran for office and they have not changed their tune. we have headlines. sun centinal. is rick scott the country's worst governor. miami. will any gop candidate want rick scott's endorsement and st. pete times. job killing governor when you created jobs.
8:39 pm
these kind of headlines, i know from experience are not pleasant. what is it about the newspapers and the press that just seems to want to ignore the obvious of the positive successes that florida is experiencing? >> i think change is tough on people. i think somebody who walks in the office and say look, we can't do business as usual. our state had stopped growing. it was like having a high growth company anditate and stopped growing. i depew we had to make change. i have been a business person all of my life and i ran for governor. i lived in public housing when i started school and i got an education and got a job. i cleaned telephone booths and yard routes and gas stations and they are good jobs but they didn't pay a lot. but i learned. i know two keys to the state can you get a good education and first job and little bit
8:40 pm
better job. i have to make this the number one place for a business person to say i do business in america . we are competing just for governor perry in texas and illinois where they are raising taxs and we are competing with panama and columbia and brazil for jobs. companies will invest over seas which they were not doing that 20 years ago. >> florida may be the key to the 2012 electionn. it awn is a key player. if obama doesn't win florida he can't be reelected . what does the climate look like for president obama and reelection in florida 2012. >> the key is going to be who has the right blueprint for job creation. i had the right blue printt and it is working. i think the republicans will be a clear runner. the nominee will lower tax and
8:41 pm
less litigation and taking care of making sure that this is the best place to do business. that is the blueprint for job creation and blueprint for who has the right story and get elected and it will be a republican candidate. >> by the way one of the thing that is the newspaper headlines say. do any of the gop bey are be want governor scott's endorse. i think everyone ofem will want if and proud to have it and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot. i will say that about the newspaper that had the audasity. >> have a great day. bye-bye. >> south carolina jim dement said the house increase debt ceiling they are toast. we'll ask michigan representative thad mccodder. he's coming up next. i will send this to shelley. yeah.
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♪ our time is short ♪ this is our fate ♪ i'm yours [ singing scat ] three times's day five times a week i comment on radio stations. if you would like to find a station near you on daily pod cast go to mike huckabee.comand sign up for facebook or follow me on twitter . during an interview with abc news this week. south carolina jim demint. what about the repurcutions
8:46 pm
for the house republicans. >> most part they are gone it is the toxic vote we could take. democrats and republicans and independents, they don't think we should increase the debt limit. >> is he right. we'll ask the republican congressman for michigan and 2012 candidate thaduous. mcconnel >> i want start right there. if the republicans vote to raise the debt ceiling be they toast. >> i think he is right. he's gone beyond that as a republican study in the house and submitting a balanced budget to the states and in the end ratifying that which they will do. spending camp budget reforms and real reductions in spending and it will prevent us from getting in this situation again. >> how do you balance the philosophical and really moral
8:47 pm
clarity of not raising the debt limit without slowing down the spending and practicality and not shut the government down and causing people not to get social security and medicare checks. not only human but the political consequences of that is disastrous. >> absolutely. one of my colleagues say it is the tarp feeling. if you didn't do that the world would end and you are stuck. >> and now the world may end. >> i thought tarp was stupid and i thought it was a wrong bone headed vote and that is a mild opinion. >> that's why you are popular. >> and unpopular in other places. >> the demdeps don't want to be unfettered to go on spend raise taxes. for two years when they had control they went on a binge of government spending and debt and deficits went up. they have to be responsible to
8:48 pm
the debt that they racked up and if they want to raise it. they have to prevent it from happening again. they don't. the practical question is what put you here and what will you do to stop it from happening. >> this week there was a famous moment when eric cantor and john kyle walked out of a negotiating session with joe biden. i don't blame them from walking out of the a meeting with biden. it was to be a joke. i don't have a nasty letter from joe biden's office. >> it would be writ nen crayon. >> it probably would be. [applause] very good. were they right to walk out? you talked to representative cantor and what was the real reason they said this is it? >> the democrats tried to stir up descension with the
8:49 pm
republicans all of the time. we respect derek and speaker boehner. we made it clear we will not raise taxes. they want to tie it in the debt ceiling vote and that we know what that will happen. you mass itchly increase government and you are crushing the chances for recovery. the white house should get the message we will not make the recession worse and harder to make it recover. we want to get people back to work and so they can go up the ladder of success. >> rumor is, you are kicking the tires of running for president and is that a possibility? when will we learn what the decision is. >> there are so many cadillacs that have drin off of the road into the garage and that's why i am thinking about it. [applause] >> i look forward to the news
8:50 pm
when it comes and i am grateful to have you here. i really appreciate it coming up. there is a television first, a sitting congressman will be strapping on a guitar and rocking with the little rockers is something you don't want to miss. we'll be right back.
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bob higgins is on the drums and fox news anchor kelly wright doing the folkicals. congressman, what kind of music. >> we'll do rock-n-roll.
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♪ ♪ let it rock-n-roll. ♪ [applause] hey, i don't know about the politics i like them but i love this man's rock-n-roll. i hope you come back and play again. what a great guitar player. i hope you had a great time from new york. this is mike huckabee along with the little rockers, good night and god bless. have a great and roll. ♪ ♪ let it rock.
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